Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

I'm sitting in front of my computer at 7:45am on a Friday morning, when I would normally be greeting students at the door. I am thankful for a two hour delay but secretly I'm severely disappointed that we didn't get a day off. Also, I know I'm a slacker. I haven't posted in forever. But let's get real. My life isn't all that exciting. I work, I come home and spend time with my fiance, and I spend my weekends working from home. Exciting, right? Wrong.'s my contribution this week. Linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season for Friday's Letters! :)

Dear Friday, thank you for finally showing up! I was beginning to worry that you weren't coming. Dear so called "snow", you were supposed to get me a day off. Not just a delay. Once again, I'm disappointed. Dear Cinnabon creamer, thank you for making my coffee so delicious in the morning. I'm forever grateful. Dear alarm clock, I forgot to reset you last night because of the delay and you woke me up at my normal time. For this, I am not happy with myself. Dear anxiety, stop. Just stop. There is nothing more to be said there. Dear children, please behave today. I know you are excited that it snowed last night, but I am not prepared to deal with drama today. It's Friday! Let's all be happy. Dear newly instated every-Friday-staff jeans day rule, not having to agonize over 50 million different choices of what to wear on Friday morning makes my life just slightly better. And for that, I am thankful. Now I just throw on a school shirt and my jeans. Win. Dear fiance, you are sexy when you work out (which is what you are currently doing). Also, I'm proud of you for acing your annual review. I always knew you were top notch, but now everyone else finally acknowledges it, too. I love you.

I leave  you with this. I know, we're adorable.