Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 9

Day 9: A Photo You Took
I never knew how much one person could love something with four legs until I got Scooter almost a year ago. He is what kept me sane when I was living in my apartment, and he's still what keeps me going on days when i feel down...yes, i know he's furry and has 4 legs. BUT I love just being able to come home and have him rub up against my legs or when he snuggles up to me at night. He's absolutely insane but he's so adorable...I mean, look at that picture. How can you ignore that cute sleepy face? I made sure that I took him with me when I moved out of my apartment because I didn't think that I could live without him...I think I might be crushed if I had to give him up! He's a fatty and eats too much, but it's only because I can't resist his cuteness. I swear he thinks he's a dog. He fetches, we go on walks together in the yard, he growls, and he has a stuffed animal that he carries around and is very possessive over. He's the one thing that's guaranteed to cheer me up when i'm in a bad mood. :)


Not much going on today--woke up feeling like I had JUST gone to sleep. Of course, I have to spend all day on campus and then work tonight at 5. There's a bulls game so it's going to be PACKED! Hopefully it'll fly by and i'll get out before midnight. Then, thankfully, I have nothing to do tomorrow. I'll probably take sissy to school and then just chill out for the rest of the day. My new computer should be here today or tomorrow--I check the tracking of it this morning and it's in SC!!! wheee! I guess I should go pay attention in class. 


Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 8

Day 8: A picture that makes you angry/sad

In the wake of the tragedy at Riverside this weekend, I've been thinking a lot about losing someone that I love. This picture makes me sad and happy at the same time. I miss my granny a TON...more so on some days than on others. Now that I'm living back at home, which happens to be the house where my mom grew up, I'll pass by things every so often that remind me of her. I love having memories of her and the wonderful times that we had together--it was because of her that I didn't have to go to daycare, and it was because of her that our family is so strong. She was the strongest woman I knew, and this picture was taken the night of my junior prom, back when she was healthy in 2005. She passed away in 2008, and I believe that she really is my guardian angel watching over me. I can't tell you how many times she's saved me from what could have been a bad situation. I remember one time shortly after she passed away, when I was at the grocery store--I was in my car heading home from grabbing some things, and I glanced over at some people entering the grocery store. I literally had to do a double take because I thought that it was her entering the store. I went home and cried for the rest of the afternoon because it made me miss her so much. Every time my mom and I see a dragonfly, we say that's a sign that she's just visiting us. We both want to get dragonfly tattoo's somewhere to remember her by. She has been my motivation to finish school, and she was always my biggest fan and my hero. I love and miss you Granny!


Sunday morning I got up to find out that two students that went to my high school were killed in a car accident on Saturday night. I went through school with one of the boys' brother's. I couldn't imagine losing my sister. I wouldn't be able to function. They are saying that neither speed nor alcohol was a factor in the crash, which makes it incredibly sad that they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't imagine what my Riverside family is going through right now--it makes me think back to the summer before and the beginning of my sophomore year, when we lost two students and a football coach all within a month of each other. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. Just know that Brantley and Miles are watching over you from heaven.

Monday, Monday. The start of another week...so far it's been pretty good--I worked last night, worked again this morning, and I have to go straight from school to work tomorrow...but then I get three days off before working lunch shifts all weekend. I'm so thankful to have a job that's giving me hours and that I actually enjoy! Only 108 days until graduation! I'm getting ready to head to Zach's for the night, and I have class and work all day tomorrow...i foresee an early bedtime tonight!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 7

Day 7: A Photo That Makes You Happy

This was the first picture taken of Zach and I...right after I came home from Vegas. We went out to dinner with Nan and Summer at Texas Roadhouse while mom was in the hospital. It's the background on my phone and also my facebook profile picture. Now that i've started school, we don't get to see each other as much and I miss him a ton during the day. I know that I can just pick up the phone and look at the picture, and it's like a little piece of him is with me at all times. It makes me smile because HE makes me smile. :)

Nothing big going on this weekend--just kind of hanging out around Zach's house. Yesterday I had the power steering replaced in my car (it had been recalled) and had an oil change and my air filter and windshield wipers replaced, which took up the majority of my morning. Then I took care of some stuff with mom, and before I knew it, it was time to leave for Cary. Last night Zach and I went out to dinner in downtown Raleigh last night, and then came back and had a glass of wine before bed. Today i'm "studying" (aka facebooking and blogging) and he's putting a second coat of paint on the dining room...I have to go to Verizon at some point to get my new phone activated, but after that I don't think we have any plans. I have to work 3 days in a row starting tomorrow...fun fun. I'm all caught up on school work right now, so i'm just trying to get ahead for the busy week in front of me. I'm really enjoying school and my job--life is SPECTACULAR right now! I suppose I'll go back to actually reading a chapter in my psychology book...hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. *toodles*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6

Day 6: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

umm...what? Okay. I'm sitting in my first class waiting for it to start. The good thing about staying with Zach and leaving Cary at 7:30 to avoid the RTP traffic is that I have time to stop at Starbucks AND get gas, and I'm still in Greensboro before 9am. My first class doesn't start until 9:30...good option for a crazy OCD person like me.

Anyway. I just wanted to brag about how wonderful my life is and how lucky i am. Normally i'm a pretty happy go lucky person and pretty outgoing, but this past week has been tough for me. I'm dealing with some personal stuff that isn't appropriate to vent about here, and I started a new job AND school this week. It hit me Sunday that summer was over and the tough stuff started back on Sunday night. I worked Sunday and Monday, went to school Tuesday, worked Wednesday, I'm at school today, and I finally get a 3 day break after my classes are finished today--but I still have online classes to work on as well! But, on my way to Greensboro this morning I was just thinking about how lucky I truly am and how blessed my life REALLY is. So, here is day 6.

a. I've got the greatest family EVER. I always knew that they were pretty great, but it's really kicked in since I moved home. Living in Durham has given me the opportunity to spend more time with them and really realize how much I depend on them. When I moved out of my apartment last month, they were right there by my side. Lauren and Michael came and helped me move my stuff out and let me live with them for a week while I got adjusted and got back on my feet before Vegas, my mom has let me stay at her house rent free and has been helping me through my personal stuff and stresses...I love her even more when she has to yell at me so i'll shut up and calm down. My sissy has been the best therapy ever, I absolutely LOVE spending time with her. We have adventures and then we can be serious...being at the barn with her so much in the last month has made me have a greater appreciation for the outdoors and made me less afraid of the dirt (never thought that would happen!). My daddy has been the biggest help ever as well. I never realized how much I really do need him and how much I really do appreciate him until all of this happened. He and Nancy have been wonderful with helping me through all of my issues and have even offered to help me buy a new car if I need to. I can call him crying and after I get done talking to him, i'm calmed down and feeling better.

b. I have the greatest friends in the world. I love being able to spend time with Megan and Kaitlyn and Felicia on Tuesdays. It's such a big stress relief. Nan and Jason, my unbilolgical siblings, have been more than lifesavers in the past month. I just love being around people, and any time i'm feeling down I can just go to them for a boost.

c. Best. Boyfriend. EVER. I've never, ever, EVER felt this way about someone before. I loved Adam, but I don't think at 18 that I really realized what love was. In the 7 weeks that Zach and I have been together, I haven't found anything about him yet that I don't like. He has become my best friend and the man I look up to. We're different in so many ways, but at the same time we have so much in common as well. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am and he lifts me up. We work as a team and have promised to be honest and open with each other. Our relationship is about compromise, not about one being more dominant than the other. He treats me like a princess, doesn't yell at me, talks to me about things that matter, loves me, and is just overall wonderful. I can ask him to do something, and he'll do what I ask plus even more. He's probably the most supportive person in the world--he stands behind me no matter what decision I make. If either one of us has an issue with what the other one is doing, we have agreed to talk about it and share with each other. I have found that I truly, truly love him with my whole heart. We're not going to rush into things, but I can definitely see this relationship being for a lifetime. I can see myself being with him at 90. I'm gonna quote Jason Mraz here and say "I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend". :)

d. I'm getting ready to reach my dream of being a teacher. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're almost to the 100 day mark until graduation. Luckily I'm really pleased with most of my classes this semester, and i'm determined to make it the best semester yet. I'm so excited for my new laptop. It's pink polka dots. eeeep! I take my Praxis Exam on Sept 18 and I'm really nervous, but if I can pass all of my classes and pass that test, then the state will give me a license! I picked up references and transcripts this week and I just have to get my doctor to sign off to say i'm not dying or have any crazy diseases and I will have a complete Wake County application, as well as a Durham County application to substitute teach. Wheeee! I also got something in the mail about ordering invitations to graduation and buying a ring. We're getting SO close!!!!!!

Ah, life is good. Class is over, so I have to go isolate myself and work on some online class stuff. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5; Sissy's last first day of middle school!

Day 5: Your Favorite Quotation
I grew up in church. As much as I hate to admit it, I haven't been as much as I should since I left for college. I could never find a church that I really fit into while in Greensboro, so I went back to my home church one weekend after I moved home, and it felt wonderful to be back. All that aside, my favorite quotation of all time happens to be a bible verse:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."--Matthew 6:34

This is a verse that I (and some of the other girls on my PDS team) held onto very tightly while I was interning and student teaching. As teachers, we tend to worry about things that we can't really control or things that are in the future. As a person in general, I'm a worry wart. I worry about things that don't matter. I worry about things that do matter. I worry, and it keeps me awake at night. Sometimes I have to remember to let go and let God--especially through some of the things that i'm going through right now. If I can remember to say this quote to myself every day, I always worry less during that day and have a pleasant day.


I took my sister to her first day of 8th grade today...holy crap! I'm getting old. It's crazy to think that I was in her exact same shoes 9 years ago. I started my first day of high school on the day that she started kindergarten, and it looks like she's going to start her first day of high school next year on my first day of my first full year of teaching!!! Geeze Louise...we walked into open house on Monday, and as soon as we walked in the door I recognized the smell. Carrington just has this distinct smell about it--not good, not bad; just unique, as someone else put it. It's absolutely insane how fast time is flying by. December will be here before I know it! Speaking of December...I have to go get some work done for my online classes. I was a good student last night and I made a color-coded list of every single assignment that I have due and the dates that they're due....OCD much? I'm damned and determined to make Dean's List my final semester of undergrad!!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slacker! Day 4.

Okay, okay. I'm a slacker. I fell down on my "30 days of me". I'll start up again today with my favorite book! Day 4.

Dear John
  Dear John is one of Nicholas Sparks' latest novels...and it's also been converted into a movie! I haven't seen the movie yet (i own it but don't have possession of it, but that's another story), but I can't wait to see it. I figure i'm going to cry like a baby. I've read the book twice. The first time I read it, I was newly engaged to my now ex-fiance and he was away at military boot camp--not exactly the best time to be reading a book like that. I cried like a baby. The second time i read it, I wanted to re-read it before the movie came out. It had been about 3 years since I had read it, but still, I cried like a baby. It's an amazing story of a boy, a girl, and their romance. He's in the army and they meet while he is on R&R. I'm not going to reveal any more details, you need to go read it--I love Nicholas Sparks and have read almost all of his books.

My life has been absolutely insane for the last two weeks. I've been running around trying to get things ready to go back to school and trying to balance spending time with my family and spending time with Zach. I got sick weekend before last with what felt like the flu, and ended up being a 24 hour bug. I was in Cary for the weekend, and because I have the best boyfriend ever, he took amazing care of me. I sent him to the store for some random "sick" items, and he came back with flowers and a Carolina snuggie for me to wrap up in since I was running a fever and had chills. I felt good enough to get up and venture home on Monday, and tried to take it easy all week. Thursday I ventured up to Greensboro for the day to get some housekeeping stuff done and see Megan and her new apartment! We had planned to go to the pool for the afternoon, but lo and behold, it rained. I swear, I've got a cloud magnet over my head...which makes no sense to me, because I'm such a sunshiny person! hehe. We ended up running my errands and then just hanging around her apartment for a little while...and then I found out I had gotten poor Zach sick! I felt horrible, so of course I went over there to take care of him. Turns out, he had the same 24 hour bug that I did. He recovered on Friday, and on Saturday we both desperately were wanting to get out of the house. We had lunch in the cutest little pizzeria in Downtown Apex. We'll definitely go back.

Lauren's birthday party was Saturday night, so we headed to Durham for that. It was great to see everyone and we both had a pretty awesome time--he lost at rock, paper, scissors, and had to drive home. I'm a star. :D
Sunday was my very last day of summer--I had to go to orientation for my new job that night and classes were going to start on Monday, so I was pretty down in the dumps. I spent the day moping around and not being very happy. I wanted ice cream at one point, so we got in the car and drove all the way to Angier, to the Sunni Skies creamery. They make their own ice cream every day and have some pretty unique flavors!
Speaking of jobs...I'm the newest hostess at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe in Durham. I trained yesterday and I work my first real shift tomorrow at lunch! I'm really excited to have something to do on the days that I'm not in school.

I had my first day of on-campus class today...let the last semester of undergrad commence! It's weird to be sitting in the library again (my new laptop hasn't been delivered yet so i'm working from the library), waiting on my second class. I have one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and time to work on online classes in between.  I think it's going to be a pretty awesome semester. Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 3

Day 3: Your Favorite Television Program

Okay, I'm going to cheat here. I have SO many tv shows that I love, I can't choose just one. Glee, Desperate Housewives, and Big Brother are the 3 that have to be DVR'ed each week...thank goodness Glee and Desperate Housewives don't start their new seasons until next month. I can only keep up with so many at one time!

I love Glee...I was a theater geek in high school, and I love watching shows where kids are involved with singing and dancing. Not to mention Matthew Morrison is H-O-T. Screw Grey's anatomy and Patrick Dempsey, Mr. Schuster is my McDreamy.  :) The show is about a group of glee club students in high school and the struggles that they go through in their personal lives. One girl is a pregnant cheerleader (she gave birth in the final episode of season 1, we'll see what happens in season 2), of course there is your stereotypical homosexual male, the football players who were forced to join Glee club and now love it, the goofy guy in the wheelchair, the dark misunderstood girl, and, of course, the diva. There are more characters in the cast, but you'll have to watch...I don't want to give away any secrets. They all have their separate lives, but when it comes down to it they are a family. Favorite show of ALL times.

Desperate Housewives
Yeah, yeah, I know...trashy tv. But I love it. The show is so ridiculous and over dramatic that I can't stop watching. Once you've seen every single episode you can't exactly give it up and quit watching! I'll admit that I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy because the storyline just got too ridiculous for me, and Desperate Housewives is probably 10x worse. But it's hilarious. I couldn't imagine that housewives are like that in real life--or are they?


Big Brother
My guilty pleasure during the summer. Throughout the many seasons, I think there has been one season that I haven't seen it all the way through and picked one contestant that I wanted to win the entire thing. My favorite contestants of all time are Jeff and Jordan from last season. They  had the ultimate showmance and they're still together to this day! I even watched the Amazing Race to see them compete. This season, I have my favorites and also the ones that I hate. I think it's so funny how watching a tv show can make you feel like you know these people personally and whether or not you would hate them. I love watching the drama unfold right in front of my eyes, and having nothing to do with it. I konw it's horrible, but I love trashy reality tv.

Nothing AT ALL going on today...I'm getting SO bored not working or going to school right now. I came home from Cary this morning and piddled around the house for a little while, and then I had to get out of the house...the only problem with that is I always spend money! I had a mild panic attack when I realized that I have 12 days until school starts, so I went to look for a new planner and get a few things for the first day of class. I searched for weeks last year and couldn't find one that I liked, but luckily I found one that I really liked at Wal-Mart this year. Now I feel a little bit better that I can write things down into my schedule. 12 more days until summer vacation is over. This is the first year I've really gotten to enjoy the summer and not had to work my tail off...I got to do so many fun things this summer and I couldn't be any happier right now than I am. 12 more days until I start the next chapter of my life, and I'm really nervous. I don't know how many times I've said this, but I have the BEST friends and family and boyfriend a girl could ask for, and I know that the next 4 months will fly by and graduation will be here before I know it!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2

Day 2: Your Favorite Movie

 My favorite movie of all times is definitely Rent. I have a rule that I won't watch a movie more than 3 times, but I saw rent in theaters 3 times in theater's when it came out in 2005. Of course I owned it as soon as it hit shelves, and its a movie I can watch over and over again. I love Idina Menzel and everyone else that's in the movie. My dream is to one day see it on stage :)

A movie that we've watched recently that I love is The Other Guys. I fell in love with Will Ferrell in Anchorman, and have loved all of his movies ever since. Zach and I went to see it last night and it was absolutely hilarious. It's usually tough for me to stay awake through an entire movie, but I was laughing the entire time during this one so I couldn't fall asleep!

Had a pretty low key day...just catching up on laundry and stuff. I got my nails done this afternoon and now I'm headed out to be with Zach for the night :)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30 Days + Update.

Found this on a friend's blog and decided to give it a shot--we'll see how long i can stick to it...hehehe :)
30 Days of ME
Day 1: Your favorite song
Day 2: Your favorite movie
Day 3: Your favorite television program
Day 4: Your favorite book
Day 5: Your favorite quote
Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 7: A photo that makes you happy
Day 8: A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 9: A photo you took
Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11: A photo of you taken recently
Day 12: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13: A fictional book
Day 14: A non-fictional book
Day 15: A fanfic
Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17: An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19: A talent of yours
Day 20: A hobby of yours
Day 21: A recipe
Day 22: A website
Day 23: A YouTube video
Day 24: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25: Your day, in great detail
Day 26: Your week, in great detail
Day 27: This month, in great detail
Day 28: This year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 1: Your Favorite Song
This is probably one of my favorite songs of ALL time...the song I want to dance with my mom to at my wedding and a song that I feel that I can definitely relate to...I always try to find meaning in song lyrics. I've been listening to Taylor Swift A LOT lately, and I just love this song.

I'm five years old, it's getting cold, I've got my big coat on
I hear your laugh and look up smiling at you, I run and run
Past the pumpkin patch and the tractor rides, look now, the sky is gold
I hug your legs and fall asleep on the way home

I don't know why all the trees change in the fall
But I know you're not scared of anything at all
Don't know if Snow White's house is near or far away
But I know I had the best day with you today

I'm thirteen now and don't know how my friends could be so mean
I come home crying and you hold me tight and grab the keys
And we drive and drive until we found a town far enough away
And we talk and window shop 'til I've forgotten all their names

I don't know who I'm gonna talk to now at school
But I know I'm laughing on the car ride home with you
Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay
But I know I had the best day with you today

I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger
God smiles on my little brother, inside and out, he's better than I am
I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run
And I had the best days with you

There is a video I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you're talking to me
It's the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs
And Daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world

And now I know why the all the trees change in the fall
I know you were on my side even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
For staying back and watching me shine
And I didn't know if you knew, so I'm takin' this chance to say
That I had the best day with you today
--The Best Day, Taylor Swift

Not really a ton going on over here in my little world.  I've mostly been helping to take care of things around the house, and spending a lot of time in Cary with Zach. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a MAC truck. I was achy and had 0 energy. I took a shower and crawled back into bed while Zach was cooking breakfast. He didn't feel well either...he's just too good to me.

I had a job interview today, now I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping to get it! Its been a blessing that I haven't had a job for the past couple of weeks so that I could help take care of things while mom was recovering from her surgery, but now that she's back at work and regaining some of her superpowers, I need a job! I'm supporting myself for the first time ever, really, and I figure an income would be a good thing...i have a pretty bad shoe addiction. ;)

School starts back in two weeks time--I'm really really excited, and at the same time I'm nervous.  I'm going back onto campus for the first time since last December...it's going to be so weird! I'm a nerd and I love school, but it's going to take a lot of self discipline on my end to juggle three online classes along with my two on-campus classes. As long as I pass my classes, pass my Praxis II exam (which, by the way, I'm scared to DEATH of. No matter how many times people tell me I'll be fine, I'm still wigging out), the state should grant me a license in December! eeeep! 

So excited about my future and the things to come. It feels like everything is falling into place exactly like it should, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful and supporting group of friends and family, not to mention probably the most incredible boyfriend on the planet. I know that whenever I'm feeling down on myself I can just look at any of them to bring me back up. 

I'm trying not to do too much today...I came home this afternoon and got into my pj's, I should probably put some real clothes on at some point. Mom's cooking burgers tonight for us and then Zach and I are going to a movie and getting that Cinnamon bun both of us have been craving now since BEFORE I left for Vegas!