Friday, July 30, 2010

Superwonder Woman in Training!

Phew...I'm so glad it's Friday at 6pm! This week has been crazy to say the least. My mom landed herself in the hospital with gallbladder problems, and I had to take over mommy duty for the week. She went into the hospital on Sunday morning while I was in Cary...that'll teach me not to leave my phone on silent again! I came home to take care of my sister while she was gone, and lo and behold, she was having some personal issues of her own. I'll spare the details, but everything turned out peachy. I took her to breakfast and we hung around here for the afternoon...went to see mom for a little while, and then we went to dinner with Zach and Nan.

Mom had surgery on Monday and it couldn't have gone any better than it did. They were able to do it lapriscopicaly so that she would only have 3 small incisions and be able to go to SC this weekend with Summer for the regional 4h horse show. She spent the night in the hospital Monday night and came home on Tuesday. We ran some errands, and then I dropped her off at home to rest while I went to dinner with Zach. I went by Lauren and Michael's to get all of my stuff, and I was finally able to get settled into mom's house that night!!! It feels so good to have all of my stuff unpacked and be able to relax (yeah right...i don't know what that word is). I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off on Wednesday, helping mom and Summer get stuff ready to leave on Thursday. We were out for a number of hours, and then I took Summer BACK to the barn (by that time I had been to the barn 3 times that day) and headed to out for the night.

They left yesterday morning, and things haven't calmed down for me yet. I've been trying to do everything I have to do to get settled, but I postponed all of that so that I could take care of mom this week. I definitely have a greater appreciation for everything that my mom does now that I've had to experience what it feels like for 4 days! And I didn't even do her full time job! Phew. Hopefully this weekend i'll get some time to rest and relax.

I did do something really really really exciting (to me) yesterday--I APPLIED TO GRADUATE!!! Finally!!! It's finally sinking in. I had a mild panic attack yesterday, but I think everything is going to be okay. I have to get registered to take my Praxis II test in September, and as long as I pass that and all of my classes, I will be an officially licensed teacher on December 16! :) So excited.

Alright, I'm off to have adventures for the weekend. Toodles! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Just a quick update--I'm home from Vegas and I had a FABULOUS time. I'll post pictures later. I spent the weekend in Cary with Zach, and came home on Sunday to find that my mom had landed herself in the hospital with an angry gallbladder! She's having surgery today, so I'm playing dual roles today and taking care of Summer and taking care of her as much as I can too. I took sissy to the barn and came home to take a shower and now I'm getting ready to head up to the hospital. I'll keep everyone updated as I find out more of what's going on! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and she'll end up at home tonight :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

New Beginnings

What a week...what a week.

So, I'm officially living at home again. I moved out of our apartment on Monday and have been in Durham ever since. It was a big step for me, but it was something that needed to be done. I know that many people don't understand why I did what I did, and that's okay. I may lose friends over this. But I realized a while ago that I have no clue who I am as a person. For 4 years, I knew who US was. I knew what Katie and Adam liked, and I knew who Katie and Adam were...but going straight from high school into a committed relationship and being engaged for 4 years didn't allow me the time that I needed to actually grow up and discover who I truly am. So this new adventure that I'm going on is one of self discovery and independence. I've been so reliant on someone to do everything for me for 4 years, and it's time for me to grow up and become an independent woman before it's too late--I graduate in December and I get thrown out in the real world from there. Adam is not a bad man and I will always care about him, I could never hate him or not speak to him again. It wasn't anything that he did as a person that made me leave, and I hope everyone understands this. If not, I'm sure there's a time in your life that you're going to come to a fork in the road and you have to decide which path to take. Yes, no one really saw it coming. But no one saw the struggle that I went through within myself, either. I didn't really let it surface until a few weeks prior to my move out.

I'm leaving for Vegas in less than 48 hours--woooohoooo!!! AND when I come back, I get to fly by myself for the first time EVER. eeeeep. What a way to start off my new independent adventure!!! Chance are I won't have access to the internet to update, but I will surely update and post pictures when I get back :)

I'm heading out for the evening--toodles! :)