Wednesday, October 19, 2011



I'm having a teacher struggle here. I love to let my kids be creative and have fun....however, in our school system (not a public one), it is frowned upon to have the students draw and color. It is said that drawing and coloring is not higher order, and they should be using higher order thinking skills.

Today, they were working on their book reports and creating a new book cover for their books. In my mind, this is a way for them to show me that they comprehend the book that they are reading, as well as having them do something besides just sitting in their seats and writing. I had someone in upper management observe me, and the activity was not liked because they were drawing and coloring.

In college, we were taught that letting students show their comprehension in other ways (i.e, learning styles) was a great way to make a lesson different and interesting. I suppose I need suggestions on how to make my lessons more creative without letting them draw and color.

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  1. whoever says they can't draw and color is full of CRAP. just sayin'