Friday, December 23, 2011

Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause...

Hello, bloggy friends! I'm sorry i've been so slack lately. School was NUTS after Thanksgiving, with trying to squeeze the last few units in, benchmark testing, and holiday celebrations.

Now that I've finally gotten a break, I'm sick again. I started feeling icky on Wednesday night after I got home from school [hit me like a truck], and yesterday I woke up feeling like there were knives in my throat. I wrapped a few presents, had a lunch date with boyfriend, finished my shopping, and by that time...i was finished. I came home to find white spots forming in my throat and my temperature up to 99.5. Great. I finished wrapping our presents and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening wrapped up in the blanket and whining not doing anything. Thankfully, I have antibiotics from two weeks ago when they THOUGHT I had strep...but it turned out not to be. Guess they knew it would come back with a vengance!

Today I'm feeling a little better, thanks to the miracle of medicine. I'm going to shower and have lunch with boyfriend (poor thing has to work today), and then hopefully get the house cleaned before we head out of town to see his mom for the night. Tomorrow, we'll come back into town in time to get showers and head to my mom's. We always have a crazy busy few days during Christmas...this year, we've decided to hold off on exchanging presents until Christmas day after everything else is finished and calmed down. It was boyfriends idea, and I love the fact that he thinks that it should be a private time for us. :)

I need to shower...lots to do! I hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we will!

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