Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes and Always...

Today, I'm linking up with Megan from Mackey Madness for Sometimes and Always. I love her blog, and I'm so glad she finally made this a link up! :) So...here goes nothin'!

Sometimes: I want to lay in bed for hours after my alarm goes off.
Always: I get out of bed and go to work anyway.

Sometimes: I consider not taking a shower and using dry shampoo instead.
Always: I get up anyway and take a shower because I won't wake up if I don't.

Sometimes: I want to quit my job and be lazy at home.
Always: I thank God for providing me with an awesome opportunity to give underprivileged children an education.

Sometimes: I want to take a sick day, knowing that I have a terrible cold/cough.
Always: I realize that a sick day is more work than it's worth.

Sometimes: I feel like my temper gets the best of me when my students are misbehaving.
Always: I reflect and think about how I could have changed my behavior so that in turn, theirs might have changed as well.

Sometimes: I feel like punting my cat across the yard after he chews things up.
Always: I just shake my head and say "you better be glad I love you".

Sometimes: I want to be married already.
Always: I end up super glad we are enjoying our time as boyfriend and girlfriend. 
[I swear, I could stare at that handsome man all day...doesn't matter what his title is. ;)]


...can you tell I'm a little overwhelmed and really ready for Christmas break? I'll be so thankful for a few weeks off!

There are less than two weeks until Christmas...and I'm really excited! Boyfrind and I get to *hopefully* squeeze in visits with all three families this year (his mom, my mom, my dad), and we both have the week between Christmas and New Years off. It will be really nice to have some uninterrupted time together.


  1. LOL at your comment about punting the cat across the lawn! That's a funny mental image, but poor cat, hahah! I'm lucky that all mine does it slepp all day. :P

  2. I definitely am with you on wanting to call in sometimes!! I never end up doing it because I feel too guilty leaving them short at work!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me!!