Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Okay...

It's Thursday, and we all know what that means!

Time for me to link up with Neely for it's OK Thursday!
It's OK
  • to want this week to be over week is a one day week!
  • to not tutor this afternoon just so I can go home and unwind--having a meeting every day after school for two weeks can exhaust a girl
  • To really be really excited that I hit my goal weight...
    • ...and to now be looking forward to the buffet of "bad food" that was promised to me once I did
  • to sit in front of the TV and refuse to get up and cook dinner because I was in a bad mood (I may have done this last night)
  • to be really sad that I have to wait 6 more months for the next book in the Crossfire series.
  • to want all of this wedding planning stuff to be OVER so we can just be married already...sheesh.

That's all that my little brain can produce right now. Kiddos will be here soon. Enjoy your Thursday, loves!
I'll leave you with one of my FAVORITE pictures from our engagement session from a few weeks ago.


  1. Girl, that I so how I felt the 11 months I had to wait for my wedding! I was so tired of the planning and worrying! It was worth it, though. And congrats on the goal weight, enjoy your reward? I would personally want reese cups haha, but that's just me! (stopping by from the linkup) :)

  2. I can't imagine the excitement, frustration, annoyance, happiness, etc that goes with wedding planning. I feel like you plan so much for one even that goes by too quickly!

  3. Yay for getting to your goal weight!!! The hubs and I are doing weight watchers right now, and we are getting closer and closer to ours! :)

    I would love for you to stop by sometime and say hello!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. congrats on goal weight! also I think its good you are focused more on the marriage than the wedding! xo annalizbeth

  5. Congratulations on hitting your goal weight! Enjoy that buffet girl you deserve it!