Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy Busy Bee

There has been a definite lack of posting on my part in the last week...and I apologize!! I have been working like crazy in my classroom trying to get it ready for the new babies, and I'm nowhere near done. They come on TUESDAY!! I'm going to have to go up there tomorrow and get some major work done. I have most of the day Monday to work and then open house is Monday night from 4-6.

I can't believe it's all happened so fast. I'll find some time soon to post before and after pictures. Most of my classroom is all set up as of now...I just have to work on leveling books, plans, and logistics for the first week, which seems to be a very daunting task!!! I'm very overwhelmed right now. Hopefully everything will magically come together in the next two days...otherwise I feel I might be in trouble!

I'll update as soon as I get some time to breathe!

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  1. Good luck!!! My classroom is a hot mess too!! You'll get it done! Yay for meeting your kiddos...that is always my favorite part!