Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Okay...

It's been a rough know it's bad when a SHORT week is a rough week. Oh well. In the last few days I've learned who and WHAT I do and do not need in my life. So, i'm linking up with Neely today for It's Okay Thursday! So, without further adieu...

In the last few days, I've learned that It's Ok (personally).... come home to your boyfriend and vent/angry cry for an hour. let certain things bother you, because apparently they SHOULD. not understand how some people live their lives they way that they do. twitter rant about certain things. be so angry that you want to scream. But to cry instead. not be ashamed of the fact that you can love a pet like a child.

and in the working world, i've learned that It's ok....(professionally) not let angry parents squish your dreams! stop trying to be such a perfectionist. let things go to the wayside sometimes, for sake of your sanity.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. And I have a whole weekend of NOTHING planned. :)


  1. amen to 'not let angry parents squash your dreams' you are you and you'll do what you want :) xo

  2. Completely okay let some things bother ya!