Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Date Ever

In honor of Valentine's Day...I'm going to participate in the Valentine's Day challenge that Neely and Amber are hosting!

Today's topic: Best Date Ever

Every date that boyfriend and I go on is wonderful...beyond amazing. He's the love of my life, and I think that we could seriously sit and stare at each other for hours and it would be the best date ever. date trumps them all. It was the date that I realized I was falling in love with him, it was the weekend that would change my life for the better...forever.

On our second date, boyfriend took me to see Michael Buble in concert.
I was living in Greensboro at the time, and I casually mentioned that I had heard that Michael would be in Raleigh that weekend and that I would LOVE to go to the concert. At this point I was pretty smitten with boyfriend, and he graciously offered to buy tickets for the concert.

I believe this was on a Wednesday (the day after our first date), and the concert was on a Friday. I had been planning to go to Raleigh for the weekend anyway to watch my sister show her horse, so it worked out perfectly! It gave me a place to stay for the weekend and an excuse to see the boy that I was slowly quickly falling in love with.

I drove to Raleigh to meet boyfriend at his house after he got off of work. We had planned to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner, but the wait was way too long, so we ended up grabbing subs for dinner and heading to the concert (romantic, right?). The concert was fabulous. We had floor seats in the RBC center, and at one point I was only a mere 10 feet away from Michael. I almost touched his hand! *swoon*

After the concert, we decided to grab a bottle of wine and head back to boyfriend's house. A horrible storm had brewed while we were in the concert, so of COURSE it was too dangerous for me to drive back to my mom's house in that weather. Sounds like something out of a movie, right? ;-)

I was supposed to leave Saturday morning to go to the fairgrounds and wach my sister and then go back to Greensboro Saturday night...but he ended up going with me on Saturday so that he could meet my parents, and I ended up spending the ENTIRE weekend in Raleigh. I headed back to Greensboro Sunday afternoon for work...

At that point, I knew that this boy had left a LARGE impact on my life in such a short time. I actually ended up making the decision to move home the NEXT day (Monday), instead of waiting a few months like I had planned. Not only could I be closer to him, but I could be closer to my family, and I had the opportunity to get out of a bad situation that I was in...and...well...the rest is history. Here we are almost 19 months later. :)

See, I told you that one date changed my entire life.


  1. What an amazing story! I love how someone can impact your life like that!

  2. LOVE Buble - your boyfriend did good!!

    Thanks for linking up with us for the Valentine's Challenge!

  3. Love, LOVE that story!! What a perfect date! :)