Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Okay

Okay, friends. Today is Thursday and you know what that means!

Today, it's okay... forget to set your alarm, because apparently you'll still wake up, albeit 12 minutes late. not wear makeup because of your failed alarm setting skills. also not straighten your hair for the same reason. be really excited about the birthday present you bought your mom! really, really, really want it to be Friday.

and finally...

It's okay to not care about the Superbowl because your team isn't in it.
[there, I said it.]

OH and lovely blog friend Laura is hosting her first giveaway; she's reached 100 followers. Go check her out! She's from the same area as me and funny as can be!


  1. I love all the subsequent consequences to not waking up on time. But you still woke up and that's the important thing! If I forgot to set an alarm, I would wake up 3 hours late :)

  2. My team isn't in it either, therefore I also don't care :)

  3. i don't care about the superbowl either... i really only enjoy college football :)

    hope you have a great weekend!