Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Oh...Spring Break. How I love you! I'm sitting here at 10:15, drinking coffee, and I've already showered, done a load of laundry, finished a book, and I'm about to start another load...so much productivity going on around our house this morning!

We took a trip down to the beach for a few days to be with my family for Easter. We had lots of fun, at lots of bad food (that apparently has to stop in our house. Sad cakes), and had lots of laughs. I didn't take many pictures...as I get older, I get increasingly worse at remembering to take pictures. Oh well.

It's time for Sometimes and Always with the lovely Megan over at Mackey Madness!
Sometimes I wish I knew more about cars so I could figure out why my car is making a horrible nose.
Always I'm glad that the dealership is close by so they can look at it!

Sometimes, after spending the weekend with little RQ, I wish we were ready to have kids.
Always I remember that we most certainly are NOT.

Sometimes I wish spring break could last all year long.
Always I sorta kinda already miss the kids' faces after only 4 days!

Sometimes I wish I could quit my job and not do anything.
Always I think about how bored I would be...and how broke I would be. 
(Let's be honest, I love Target too much to quit my job.)

I think that's all for today, the laundry just stopped. That's the one thing I hate about coming home from vacation. So. much. laundry!

Toodles, y'all

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  1. i feel the same about working all the time. but like you, my shopping at target habit is too hard to quit.