Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm alive.

I promise. I'm still alive. Work and planning this wedding have taken OVER my life! I barely have any time to breathe, let alone to blog!

As of tomorrow, we will have been engaged for 3 months. We've made some good progress in those 90 days. Here's what we've already done:

  • Chosen a date (September 28, 2013) and a venue (River Landing)
  • I  went dress shopping and said YES to the dress!
  • A dear friend of ours has offered to be our wedding planner.
  • We have chosen our cupcakes (Gigi's)...I'm not a fan of cake, so I wanted cupcakes!
  • We have our engagement pictures this weekend. So excited that this lady will be taking them!
Our Next Steps:
  • Find bridesmaids dresses
  • Find and book a photographer and a  DJ
  • Honeymoon plans!
I think we're doing pretty well for still being 11.5 months away from "I Do"! I will be working full time until June, when I take some time off next school year to put finishing touches on the big day. We also have plans to move to California some time in the next few years, so our newlywed lives will be up in the air!

Work is going well--we're finally in the swing of things and into our routine. The first quarter is almost over--we start conferences next week! I love all of my kiddos, even though they drive me crazy some days.

That's about it for us right I said, work and wedding.
I'm hoping to start updating that we've tackled most of the big wedding things! :)


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