Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye, Summer...

Farwell, sweet, sweet summertime. Tomorrow, school starts. Tomorrow, lots of things that I have gotten used to in the last 6 weeks will go away...
No more getting up with Z at 7.
No more fixing my coffee and then drinking it on the couch while cuddled up with Z...
...while we watch Dr. Phil for hours on end.
No more Law and Order marathons on Netflix

No more working out mid-morning while the house is quiet and no one is there.
No more lunch dates.
No more weekday shopping trips with Sissy.
No more pool days with Megan.

But what I DO have to look forward tomorrow, as a new school year starts:
Bonding with my THIRD class.
seeing those smiling faces walking in the door every morning
Stories as told by 8 and 9 year olds.
Getting to hear all about Z's day when I get home.
Getting a few days off here and there.
Loving from my kitty when I get home
Working out after a hard day at work
Laying in bed at night exchanging work stories.
....Christmas break! ;-)

I've been working hard for the last week and a half to get my room perfect--I had to move across the hallway, I'm going from teaching all subjects to only teaching reading, AND they completely renovated our building. This year will be a year of growth and change and I couldn't be more excited!!! This is what my room looks like as of right now:
my desk area
Behind my desk.
We want our kids to be college ready so I added some UNCG spirit!
The reading corner
All books are lexiled and labeled

my pom-poms, genre posters, and vocab wall
Reading strategies and skills posters

read around the world wall

Data wall and inquiry board

Student work board

Looking into the room from the door to the left

Looking into the room from the door to the right

The kids are going to be here in about an hour and 15 minutes so I'm going to scarf down some dinner and do some last minute things...good luck to everyone who starts school this week!! :)

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