Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I'm Loving

Ya'll. I'm such a slacker. Time for a major life update/what I'm loving!

  1. First and foremost...I quit my job! I decided that I needed to to take some time off after this school year to get ready for the wedding. I thought I would be really excited to not have a job and have so much free time...turns out, I'm just really bored. I feel like I'm either sitting around the house watching TV/getting fat or out shopping and spending too much money. After much thought and consideration, I've decided to look for a job that will fit my schedule. I want to teach at Year Round school!
  2. Plans for the wedding are coming along swimmingly...I've taken care of a lot of things in the week and a half that I've been out of school. I applied for my passport, ordered the groom's cake, and purchased my shoes and dresses for my bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. 
  3. We scheduled a dance lesson! Neither Z nor I have very much rhythm, so we figured it would probably be a smart idea for us to get some guidance before we embarrass ourselves during our first dance.
  4. My best friend is getting married this weekend! I'm so excited. Although I'm not part of the wedding party, I still feel very much included. Jenn and I have gotten very close in the last few months. She'll be in my wedding in September. I'll make sure to post pictures.
  5. My allergies/sinuses have been insane in the last few weeks, and Z thinks it's possible that I could be allergic to the cat. I need to call the allergist and get tested just so that I can find out what I'm allergic to--but you can believe I will NOT be getting rid of my sweet kitty! I really hope it's something else that I'm allergic to.
I think I've covered everything major that's going on in my life let's skip ahead to What I'm Loving!
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...I'm loving that I've already managed to find dresses for both my bridal shower and my rehearsal dinner!
...I'm loving my wedding shoes! 
...I'm loving that I'm finally running again. I took time off during the school year (bad decision) and made excuses about how I didn't have time but now that I'm doing it again I feel so much better!
(Couch to 5k app on my thing since sliced bread)

...I'm loving that I figured out how to turn my straightener into a curling iron. I know, I'm late to hop on this bandwagon. But it gives me many more options for my hair!

And as always...I'm loving my wonderful fiance, even when he doesn't cooperate for pictures!
During his birthday dinner...perfectly describes our relationship :)

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  1. Good job running again! You can do it!