Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Loving

It's Wednesday! Halfway through the week...although I suppose it doesn't really matter now that us unemployed teacher folk are on summer break. Anyway, here's what I'm loving this week +  a photo dump all in one.

I'm loving that in just 4 days we will be leaving for our annual July 4 weekly vacation to the beach with my family.

I'm loving that I've gotten so much done for the wedding this week...I got my undergarments, my veil, shoes to wear after I kick my heels off, and we finished our registry. Tonight we have our first dance lessons! I've also fallen in love with a few hair styles.

I'm loving that I get to read so much during summer--I've already finished two books in less than two weeks! I laid in bed and read for about two hours this morning.
I'm loving that my sister and I had a girls' day yesterday. We grabbed lunch at a local brewery and then headed out to do wedding stuff. 

I'm loving that I've also done a lot of organizing this week...I tackled the master bathroom, my car, and my closet on Monday and also a few other random places. I found 8 pair of shoes and way too many clothes in my car when I cleaned it out.

I'm loving that I've started running again. I absolutely LOVE the Couch25k app on my phone...I'm in week 3 and can run 3 minutes without stopping (I's still terrible. But I'm getting there!). I've always loved to run but my metabolism bottomed out after college. womp womp. I was also able to run outside on Saturday. Although I didn't run as far--because my hip was NOT  fan of those hills I was running on. 

And finally, I'm loving that my best friend finally got married last weekend! She and her husband have been together since high school. It's so great to see them so much in love. Plus, who doesn't love a great excuse to dress up?

And of course, I'm always loving my sweet fiance.
(Only 94 more days!!!!)

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