Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week. This week has been an exciting one so far, with lots of other exciting wedding things coming up...which leads me into what i'm loving!
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Today I'm loving...

...that we had our 3rd dance lesson last night and learned a new step. We're gonna look fancy!
...that we are now in the 50's as far as days go until the big day!
...that I FINALLY get to have my first dress fitting on Friday.
and that I get to have my first bridal shower on Sunday.
...all of our wedding stationary on our refrigerator!
...the wreath that I made for our front door!
...getting to watch the Big Brother live feeds on CBS

...and all of the other awesome stuff that has been going on in our little world recently! Including, but not limited to:
-date nights
-shopping with mom and sister
-purchasing new things for the wedding
-getting crafty!
...and of course I'm always loving my fiance!

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