Saturday, May 14, 2011

A performance, rainy Friday, and interesting Saturday

What a LONG week...and boy, do I mean long. I struggled to get up every morning this week and the days seemed to drag by. I suppose it's because we started off the week not going to bed on time. By the time we took my mom out to dinner on Sunday night and got back home it was almost 10:30! I'm a bear if I don't get my sleep.

Thursday night we had our fourth and fifth grade performance. I had to leave school early to attend two meetings at the middle school, so I missed their performance during school. After my meetings I shoved down some food and went back to school to see them perform that evening. The pickles were all so adorable  standing on the stage singing songs...I was like a proud momma! :)

Yesterday was nothing special...just a test in my EOG review class. After lunch, we went over homework and finished getting the classroom ready for testing next week. I had already spent a few hours taking things off the wall and covering bookshelves and lunch choices with butcher paper, but yesterday I had them take their name tags off of their desks and move them into alphabetical order. You can imagine what the noise level was like with 20 little pickles moving their desks around, ripping name tags off, and cleaning their desks out. I was more than ready for recess when 2:00 hit.

That's the biggest trouble that I've been having lately...I lose the pickles after lunch. It's like they're done listening for the day.  I teach from 8:00-11:30 and they're fine and attentive, we go to specials and lunch, and then I have to come back and try to get them to concentrate for another hour before recess in the last half hour of the day. After lunch though, they lose their MINDS and do things like run around the room, fall on the floor, chase after each other, and just talk excessively in general. I've tried everything from threatening to take away their recess to giving out laps and trying to make the lesson fun...but they're done. Do any of my fellow teacher people have any advice on how to get them back to a place where they want to learn for that last hour? I know we only have 20 days of school left but it would be helpful for next year! :)

Last night we went to boyfriend's work to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary. They had a block party sort of thing, and we walked around and gorged ourselves on food and beer. As we kept walking, the sky kept getting more and more ominous. We finally decided (after a few rumbles of thunder) that it was time to head home so that we didn't get caught in the see, we live about a mile away from his work, so we simply walked to the celebration. The sky was fine when we got there. Anyway, we're walking home amidst the thunder and lightning, and thankfully we beat the rain. Literally 2 or 3 minutes after we got inside and shut the door, another summer storm came. Ever since we started dating boyfriend and I have had impeccable timing, and last night was no different!

Today is a lazy day...the four legged children have been laying low this morning, the muffinhead has been wanting to lay in my lap all day (probably because I have a blanket with me). We watched Waiting for Superman earlier this morning and now i'm here blogging and boyfriend is playing on his computer in the office. I need to run out and get cat food and supplies to get drunk wine and it looks like it wants to I'm gonna do that before we get caught in another storm!

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