Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lack of Motivation and headaches.

I've lost my motivation...the ending of Daylight Savings Time has made me bonkers, and I've been going to bed at 8:45 every night for the last week. It's been a pretty lazy few weeks here in our home...

Boyfriend went on a business trip at the end of October, so I was alone in our house for the first time overnight. He was gone for four nights, and I was pretty sick/stressed/tired while he was gone. Once he got home, everything went back to normal! Funny how those things work...

Our Halloween was pretty low key. We went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner (my uncle makes the best chili), and I got to hold Riley girl.

A few weeks ago, boyfriend accomplished a big feat--he paid off his student loans! I took him out for sushi to celebrate, and then we went to Trader Joe's to grocery shop. A wonderful date night. :)

This week I have been struggling with headaches EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I'm not sure if it's sinuses or my eyes or what, but I'm getting tired of it. They started last Friday and haven't stopped. My worst one was last Saturday--we were supposed to go out with friends to watch football, but my head hurt pretty bad, so I stayed while boyfriend went out. I went most of the day today without one for the first time, but in the last hour or so, I've started to feel one coming on. Usually it lets up when I wear my glasses, but I have them on right now and it's getting worse. If they don't get better this week I'm going to call my doctor!

That's pretty much it around here...this week is a full week at school, and then the next week is a ONE day week before Thanksgiving! We'll be heading to the beach Wednesday-Sunday to be with my family. I'm pretty excited! Knowing what is just around the corner, I'm sure this week will drag by...oh man.

Time to take some medicine and try to kick this headache! Toodles.

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