Monday, June 20, 2011

Most relaxing weekend EVER

Today begins the first full week of summer vacation/job hunting. I've spent the day cleaning our house, organizing things, frying laying out in the sun (I survived for about 30 minutes), sending off job applications (4 and a follow up e-mail) and fueling my Target addiction. Not too shabby! I made a big booboo last week and left my camera at Target, but thankfully I called today and they had it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures during our weekend getaway...It was such a relaxing weekend at the beach. We did a lot of this...

...and I managed to read two entire books. Go ahead, call me a nerd.
We were so lazy, in fact, that we didn't actually make it to ocean. Instead, we opted to lay out on the top deck of the house we were staying in. You could see and hear the ocean from there, so it was perfect. No sand! We arrived at about 1:00 Thursday afternoon, after a 4 hour drive and didn't leave the house until we went on an ice cream date on Saturday night. We stayed in our bathing suits or sweatpants for the entire weekend (minus the ice cream date...i'm not THAT lame), and I was able to get my mind off of trying to find another job. 

We headed home yesterday afternoon and stopped by my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate Father's Day with my family on the way in. We had a wonderful afternoon eating yummy food and hanging out by the pool. Unfortunately we had dropped our suitcases back at home before going to Durham, so we didn't get to swim...but it was still great just being with my family. I'm glad to have my camera back so that I can finally start capturing these wonderful moments again! We're home for two weeks and then it's off to Topsail to celebrate the fourth of July with my family as well as our anniversary!


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