Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

Oh, Friday...

Dear Friday, I still appreciate you, even during the summer months.Dear boyfriend, happy birthday! I'm thankful for you. Dear Yankee Candles, thank you for making my house smell so good. I love actually being able to light you during the day now that it's summer time! Dear Target, Your REDcard policies are stupid. Send me what I need NOW or I'm going back to Harris Teeter for my groceries. Dear voice, please come back. I don't know what I did to drive you away. Could be that cough that has taken residence. Dear cough, GO AWAY. I would like my voice back, please. I'm tired of getting funny looks from people when I talk to them. Dear Mucinex DM, WOAH. Put a warning of side effects on your box. Holy dizziness and insomnia. Dear Pinterest, why must you be so addicting? I spend way too much time browsing your site when I should be doing productive things! Dear legs, it's time to get with the program and get some sun. You look like you belong on a different person when I compare you to the upper half of my body.

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  1. Pinterest is just way too addicting, but I love it so much! :)