Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Love Story: The Proposal Part 2

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I was in utter disbelief. Was I seeing things? Was my boyfriend really down on one knee asking me to marry him? Didn't I just convince myself that it WASN'T going to happen this week?

Through the tears that were in my eyes, I sank down to my knees in the sand to meet him. "Of course I'll marry you", I said. As if it were planned, fireworks started to go off behind us at that exact moment. We spent another few moments taking it all in--there was a lot of kissing and many "I love you's". Unfortunately, I had left my phone back at the house--I wanted to see the ring! Z took out his phone and lit it up so that I could see it. I still couldn't see it very well, but I immediately knew it was perfect for me. I was ready to go back and break the good news to everyone!

As we walked back, he revealed just how sneaky he had been. He managed to do everything--from picking the ring out, designing it, picking it up, and asking for BOTH of my parent's blessings (which was very important to me) without me EVER having a single thought about it. 

Meanwhile, back at the beach house, (or so I'm told) everyone was getting anxious. Apparently, they all knew what was going on. The word had spread like wildfire after Z told my dad and a few others that he was going to do it that day. As I walked ran back to the yard, I was greeted by a flurry of people--and the first person that made it to me was my dad. We hugged, and I cried lots of big tears. I told everyone that wasn't quite paying attention the big news, and there were lots of congratulations and of course, the showing of the ring.

Once I could find some time away, I immediately found my phone and called my mom. She knew it was coming, but wasn't sure when. She sounded as happy as we  were. We also called Z's family, as well as my best friend. I felt so special. I had always told him that when he proposed, I wanted it to be just us. I didn't want a huge crowd around, and I didn't want him to make a big deal out of it while it was happening. However, he knew that I would want my closest friends and family there right after it happened, and that's exactly what happened. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. He proposed at my favorite place in the world while I was surrounded by (most of) my favorite people in the world. And now I'm blubbering while trying to write this.

As the night went on, I pressed him to tell me everything--I was still so confused! How did he manage to do this without my knowledge? Without me even having a CLUE? Well-- He picked the ring out one weekend afternoon while I was out of town with my family. Remember that time I walked to raise money for Spina Bifida? Yeah. That day--amidst a very busy weekend. Ironically enough his family, who had planned to come into town the next day, decided to move their trip up a day and ended up coming in that afternoon. That evening, we saw Wicked at the DPAC, and we celebrated Mother's Day with my family the next night. He picked the ring up one day on his lunch break. He had lunch with my mom one afternoon and asked for her blessing, and he asked my dad while we were at the beach. The ring was hidden in our house for almost a MONTH, and in his satchel for the few days that we were at the beach before he proposed--it was even in his pocket the day of the proposal!! How I never picked up on any of this or stumbled upon the ring, I have no clue. He even pushed our New York trip back because his original plan was to propose there and he was afraid it wouldn't be ready in time!

The next night at dinner, we had dinner at Mike and Mary Beth's house. After dinner, Mary Beth brought out a carrot cake that she made just for us! I spent the majority of the rest of the week in my own world, dreaming of dresses, wedding cakes, and receptions. We went home for a few days to unpack, do laundry, repack, and head to the Big City for what we now refer to as our Engagementmoon! :)

I've gone as far as to buy a few books and magazines--and I am constantly daydreaming in my head. We haven't set an official date yet, but we're hoping that it will be sometime next fall...September, most likely. The weather is perfect here in NC during the fall. Our next few steps are to find a venue and nail down an exact date! I've been working on the guest list as I can think of names. I can't wait to dive head first into planning. Soon, I will be known as Mrs. Kuhn to my students. And let me tell you, I can't wait. I'm over the moon. 

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  1. Congrats Katie on your engagement. I am so happy for you an your going to LOVE married life!! :) I love you and miss you, We need to get together soon! Btw I am your newest follower!! :)