Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing Catch Up and some BIG news!

Holy vacation, batman!
We've got lots of catching up to do.
I suppose I should just do a photo dump.
Although, you might miss the BIG news amidst the other pictures...
Boyfriend Fiance popped the question on July 4th while we were walking on the beach. It was perfect. I'll blog about that later. I'm pretty overwhelmed with this entire wedding planning process and I'm going to need help!

Now that that's out of the way...
We spent an amazing week with my family at Topsail, the place I love the most.
sweet Riley Q's baptism
(not my picture)
(not my picture, either. Lauren's.)

my sweet (then) boyfriend

a storm rolling in

Riley Q!

lots of Law and Order on Netflix

our cupcakes!
(and by our I mean I watched them make them this year)

July 4 Parade

Lauren's cake

before the party

Hold on--let me pause here. This magician was AWESOME. He took Summer's phone without her even noticing. He dropped rings into Lauren's fist. He created Marilyn Monroe. It was pretty amazing.

a beautiful day by the sound


They made us a cake!

I love that Island<3
daddy and his girls
(this dress is going in the trash....eew) 
still can't believe we're getting married!


baby in a bar!

can't stop staring at it...


2 year anniversary<3

my father is a horrible photographer.


"hey...get this thing off my head and let me drink my water"

We couldn't have asked for a better week. The weather was h-o-t (I may have gotten burnt multiple times), the company was perfect, and who doesn't love a good love story? :)

We headed home on Sunday morning and were at home for a few days before heading to New York City for a few days to celebrate our engagement! We were actually supposed to go earlier this summer...but little did I know, Z had to move our trip because he was afraid my ring wouldn't be ready before we left for our trip. His original plan was to propose in New York. I thought he moved it because of work/family plans. Funny how things work out. 

Anyway...we decided that it was the best option to drive to New York since I had never been to most states in between here (NC) and there, and it was also cheaper than flying. Z decided that we were going to try the "signature" food from each state that we stopped in. We had planned to do some on the way up and some on the way home....oops. We ended up eating everything on the way up! We started our journey at 7am on a Wednesday morning.

Starting our journey with Starbucks, of course.
reading material.

VIRGINIA Ham Biscuits

going into the Baltimore tunnel...
my first toll!

Signs for New York!!!
PHILLY Cheese Steak
(blegh. Gross.)

 We stayed the night in Neptune, New Jersey and decided to make the last part of our journey in the morning. We stopped for breakfast and headed to the train station, where we parked my car and hopped the train to New York City!! :)
Waffles in New Jersey

FINALLY in New York!!!
the view from our hotel

Times Square!

Look who we found!

9/11 Memorial Pool
The "Survivors Tree" at the memorial.

I spy the Statue of Liberty!

Wall Street
Brooklyn Bridge

Red Velvet Pancakes!

Baked French Toast

Bethesda Fountain (Central Park)

Sushi Date with my two favorite men<3

Look will see a man with a CAT on his forehead.

There was a storm a'brewing!

NC welcomed us back with a beautiful sunset
We got back last night around bedtime. It was a WONDERFUL first trip to New York City...I couldn't have asked for anything better. There were many things that I didn't get to take pictures of, but we saw A LOT. We also wanted to make sure that we had time to relax during our trip; we didn't want to be going at all times. In fact, we spent most of one day in our hotel. We walked around all morning in lower Manhattan and by 1:00, we were spent (and I had a a headache). We managed to go out for lunch, but the rest of our night was spent in our room. We had a fancy dinner of McDonald's and watched Law and Order all evening before calling it an early night. :)
Ya'll, summer is halfway over. I can't believe it. Still on my list to do:
-get wisdom teeth out (and recover)
-go to Michigan for leadership training
-get my classroom ready
-teacher workdays
and school starts in 29 days!!!!!!!
You'll have to excuse me while I go cry in the corner...

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