Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Official.

I hate airports. 
Rather, I hate airports when there are delays. 
5 hour delays to be more specific.
Or two hour ones. Either way. 
I hate sitting in airports. 
I hate airports with no free WiFi OR charger ports for my phone. 
One or the other would be fine. 
I hate when the airport tricks you by putting a Starbucks BEFORE security and make you forget that you can't take drinks past security so you have to throw your full coffee away.
I hate sitting in an airport and realizing that all the books on your Kindle are archived and won't let you access them--and then the NO FREE WIFI comes into play and you become stranded without reading material.
I hate having to pay $7 for a stinkin' case of veggies.
I hate having a headache and then having to sit in a packed airport.

Can you guess where I am right now?

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