Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6

Day 6: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

umm...what? Okay. I'm sitting in my first class waiting for it to start. The good thing about staying with Zach and leaving Cary at 7:30 to avoid the RTP traffic is that I have time to stop at Starbucks AND get gas, and I'm still in Greensboro before 9am. My first class doesn't start until 9:30...good option for a crazy OCD person like me.

Anyway. I just wanted to brag about how wonderful my life is and how lucky i am. Normally i'm a pretty happy go lucky person and pretty outgoing, but this past week has been tough for me. I'm dealing with some personal stuff that isn't appropriate to vent about here, and I started a new job AND school this week. It hit me Sunday that summer was over and the tough stuff started back on Sunday night. I worked Sunday and Monday, went to school Tuesday, worked Wednesday, I'm at school today, and I finally get a 3 day break after my classes are finished today--but I still have online classes to work on as well! But, on my way to Greensboro this morning I was just thinking about how lucky I truly am and how blessed my life REALLY is. So, here is day 6.

a. I've got the greatest family EVER. I always knew that they were pretty great, but it's really kicked in since I moved home. Living in Durham has given me the opportunity to spend more time with them and really realize how much I depend on them. When I moved out of my apartment last month, they were right there by my side. Lauren and Michael came and helped me move my stuff out and let me live with them for a week while I got adjusted and got back on my feet before Vegas, my mom has let me stay at her house rent free and has been helping me through my personal stuff and stresses...I love her even more when she has to yell at me so i'll shut up and calm down. My sissy has been the best therapy ever, I absolutely LOVE spending time with her. We have adventures and then we can be serious...being at the barn with her so much in the last month has made me have a greater appreciation for the outdoors and made me less afraid of the dirt (never thought that would happen!). My daddy has been the biggest help ever as well. I never realized how much I really do need him and how much I really do appreciate him until all of this happened. He and Nancy have been wonderful with helping me through all of my issues and have even offered to help me buy a new car if I need to. I can call him crying and after I get done talking to him, i'm calmed down and feeling better.

b. I have the greatest friends in the world. I love being able to spend time with Megan and Kaitlyn and Felicia on Tuesdays. It's such a big stress relief. Nan and Jason, my unbilolgical siblings, have been more than lifesavers in the past month. I just love being around people, and any time i'm feeling down I can just go to them for a boost.

c. Best. Boyfriend. EVER. I've never, ever, EVER felt this way about someone before. I loved Adam, but I don't think at 18 that I really realized what love was. In the 7 weeks that Zach and I have been together, I haven't found anything about him yet that I don't like. He has become my best friend and the man I look up to. We're different in so many ways, but at the same time we have so much in common as well. He tells me all the time how beautiful I am and he lifts me up. We work as a team and have promised to be honest and open with each other. Our relationship is about compromise, not about one being more dominant than the other. He treats me like a princess, doesn't yell at me, talks to me about things that matter, loves me, and is just overall wonderful. I can ask him to do something, and he'll do what I ask plus even more. He's probably the most supportive person in the world--he stands behind me no matter what decision I make. If either one of us has an issue with what the other one is doing, we have agreed to talk about it and share with each other. I have found that I truly, truly love him with my whole heart. We're not going to rush into things, but I can definitely see this relationship being for a lifetime. I can see myself being with him at 90. I'm gonna quote Jason Mraz here and say "I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend". :)

d. I'm getting ready to reach my dream of being a teacher. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're almost to the 100 day mark until graduation. Luckily I'm really pleased with most of my classes this semester, and i'm determined to make it the best semester yet. I'm so excited for my new laptop. It's pink polka dots. eeeep! I take my Praxis Exam on Sept 18 and I'm really nervous, but if I can pass all of my classes and pass that test, then the state will give me a license! I picked up references and transcripts this week and I just have to get my doctor to sign off to say i'm not dying or have any crazy diseases and I will have a complete Wake County application, as well as a Durham County application to substitute teach. Wheeee! I also got something in the mail about ordering invitations to graduation and buying a ring. We're getting SO close!!!!!!

Ah, life is good. Class is over, so I have to go isolate myself and work on some online class stuff. 

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