Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to Reality?

[spotting a dolphin on our way home from Wrightsville]
  Is it really Monday? Is our vacation really over? Darnit. I guess it is.

We headed to the beach last Saturday to spend the week with my family. My aunt and uncle always throw a huge party on the 4th of July, so we were happy to help out and attend the party this year! Our one year anniversary was also this week. We had a blast...I'll leave you with some of my favorite highlights from the week...and a plethora of pictures! We succeeded in drinking too much, eating too much, and having lots and lots of fun. Probably my favorite vacation in a long, long time.
[the tent before it was all decorated]
*shopping in Wilmington and eating at Mellow Mushroom
*decorating 180 cupcakes for the party with Lauren
*the annual was the biggest yet!!!
*the party on the 4th. Great food, great friends, and karaoke. 
*eating lots of yummy food....i swear I gained at least 3lbs.
*going out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate our anniversary♥
*[boyfriend] getting funky tan lines from laying out on the back porch
*taking the boat to Wrightsville for lunch and shopping...and seeing a dolphin on the way back!
*putting together a giant 1,000 piece puzzle on a rainy day
*walking three miles to the coffee shop and getting funky tan lines
*constantly being social playing "Words with Friends" on our phones/the iPad

[180 cupcakes...two people]
[Happy Fourth of July!]
[ sister, my friend♥]
[boy, you make me smile♥]

[pool tournament]
[the beginning of year two]

[rainy day puzzle]

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