Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My first adventure to the midwest

Last Friday, I hopped on a plane with boyfriend and his brother and headed to Missouri for a long weekend. We arrived in St Louis on Friday afternoon, where his dad picked us up from the airport. From there, we went to pick up the RV that we were staying in (it was in Illinois). After picking up the RV, we headed back to Missouri to go to Sam's club. To my surprise, they sell liquor in Sam's club!! We don't have anything that neat here in good 'ol NC. We then met up with his grandparents and headed to our final destination, the RV campground.

The weekend was full of time with family, extreme heat, a birthday party, swimming, Harry Potter 3 with boyfriend, Captain America, and lots of sweating. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend...even if I didn't get to take a real shower and wore NO makeup all weekend. Shocking, I know.

On Monday, boyfriend's brother had a flight early early in the morning, so boyfriend and I headed into Saint Louis with his dad to visit the arch. I've never been there, so it was really cool to explore downtown and get to visit the arch. In the visitor's center I got my mom and sissy a prize (a tradition when I go out of town), we watched a movie on Lewis and Clark, and visited the museum of Westward Expansion. It was pretty fun, but I was very ready to come home. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 5:40, so we decided to have a late lunch before going to the airport...and that's when it came.

*vrrrrrrrrr*...boyfriend's phone rings. He ignores it. *vrrrrrrrrrrrr*. Boyfriend's phone rings again. Answers the phone. Thinks that it might be the airport. SURPRISE, your fight has been delayed until 8:15. CRAP! Get in the car and head to the airport anyway. Arrive at the airport. Find out flight has been cancelled. Panic ensues. Try to find another flight. End up flying with another carrier through Chicago. Flight doesn't leave until 8:00. Wait in airport. Wait some more. Consider walking. Fly to Chicago. Arrive in Chicago and run to connecting flight. Fly to RDU. Flight lands at 12:30am, 4 hours after originally scheduled. Arrive home at 1am. SLEEP. Boyfriend has to work Tuesday.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was our ridiculous route back to NC on Monday night. Now I shall share some pictures from our adventure.

Exciting, right? =)

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